Monday, March 9, 2009

What to name the antique doll portraits?!?

Coming up with a name for this series has been quite a challenge for me. I absolutely love the suggestion Poupee Tete ("doll head", en francais). Crazed Ancestors and Doll Face are both appropriate and fun. Not incidentally, these doll heads are a subgroup of my ongoing photographic series Secret Keepers. Since large (18" x 24") framed photos of the Secret Keepers will be the focus of the June exhibit at Jennie Cooley Gallery in Santa Fe, I will simply call the show "The Secret Keepers and Their Ancestors." It's all about using what is familiar to the art community there, building on the foundation that has already been laid. 
However, I do want them to grow their own legs, so to speak, and will continue to consider names. I've added "All Dolled Up" and "Plastic Relatives" to my list. My plan is to have a greeting card line of these images. You'll be the first to know!


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