Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still trying to perfect my Blogspot

Wait, I can't perfect my Blogspot since I've already professed I don't like perfection! But I am trying to learn my way around here which, ultimately, should be easier than the previous blog space I used.

It's difficult to focus on any one project these days. One of those projects is preparing for an upcoming three-day exhibition at the Jennie Cooley Gallery in Santa Fe. I want to showcase some of my doll photos (the Secret Keepers series) and would love to introduce yet another take on them. So here is a work-in-progress, wherein I combine an antique portrait with a doll's head. Aunt Betsy never looked this good! Not sure what I'm going to call this collection. Ideas welcome - if I use your idea, I'll send you a print!


  1. Looking good! What did you finally do? I think I still have another PhotoBlOGraphy link that I need to change because it didn't link to this one.

  2. Jane - I'm HORRIBLE at blogging, so don't expect to see my face anytime soon. My ideas for your new collection:

    Crazed Ancestors (crazed as in crackling)
    Heirloom Faces
    Heirloom Heads
    Ancient Faces
    Ancient Heads
    Dead Heads

    Good luck!
    your cuz

  3. poupee tete (doll head)
    ma poupee tete (my doll head)

    There's an accent aigu on the first "e" in poupee and an accect ciconflexe on the first "e" in tete

  4. I love this one! And consider yourself linked!

  5. Welcome to blogspot Jane!!!!!

    I will change the link in the next few days......and BTW I HATE perfection.

    xxoo Karen

  6. Here's my current idea.....

    A-Head of Myself

    Notice how my head is on a drawing that I did of a classroom model I had once.

  7. Hi Jane good to see you have a blog here now

  8. I love the idea you present in these photographs + doll heads. I suggest calling this photographic combination "doll face".

  9. Hi Jane. I love the creativity of the combination of old doll heads with antique photos. I would call it "doll face"; your creations would give new meaning to that term.


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