Friday, March 6, 2009

Color, for a change

Spring in is the air (sort of, I'm in Michigan at the moment) so let's bring in some color!
My photographic expedition to India in November 2009 introduced me to a riot of colors and smells and sounds, oh my, all of which can easily overwhelm a westerner like me. It was by far the most intense experience of my life.
I took over 2500 photos in India. That seems outrageous, but let me explain one of my methods of capturing the right moment. If I see a background that I like, for instance this painted Sai Baba wall, I find a good vantage point. then I stand there, frame the scene the way I like it, and wait for passers-by. It takes patience and intent. Plenty of people walked past that wall one direction and the other, and I have about a dozen different photos to document that fact. This one stands out. The balance of colors and movement work well. The wall by itself is only mildly interesting, and the men are much more so in this context. And of course I'm wondering...are they going to go to the gypsy dance?
One of my favorite scenes to stumble upon was the swarm of saris (I just made that up, but it works) at a village market. These young women were buying shoes, laughing, talking, trying them on. One on the far left turned to regard me, but I didn't see her at the time. When I saw the image I realize that it is her gesture that makes the photo come alive.
The flower vendor at the market has such a sweet face, a contast to the sadness in the gypsy boy's eyes.


  1. I'm loving your blog! Are you ready for an intro in the Gypsy? Seems like you're getting into the groove of posting. This looks fabulous and I love those bright colors!

  2. Great blog Jane. Then again how could it miss with your photos and writing?


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