Thursday, June 4, 2009

Review Santa Fe

Review Santa Fe is a portfolio review event for photographers. It is a gathering of gallery owners, museum curators, publishers, consultants, etc. who are selected for their experience, involvement and commitment to advancing the work of emerging and mid-career artists. There are a couple dozen portfolio review events around the world including Photolucida in Portland, Oregon, Encuentros Abiertos in Buenos Aires and Mois de la Photo in Paris. Review Santa Fe is unique in that it is the only juried event. I understand there were about 600 applicants and 100 were chosen. Knowing the caliber of work that was sent in, I feel honored to be included. 

Since being notified a couple of months ago of acceptance based on the Timeless India portfolio, I've spent my time in preparation researching the 42 reviewers, re-printing my portfolio to the standards expected, developing and creating various promotional materials (for my website, blog, the workshops I'll be teaching, and for specific portfolios) and considering how to articulate my own creative process.

This afternoon the participants will gather at The Lodge in Santa Fe to register and have orientation about how the event will unfold in the next three very intense days. I have so many questions! For instance, we have each been assigned 9 reviewers. Can we try to sneak in a meeting with another two or three we'd like to see? Is there any food to be had in this place? I'm already a bit nervous, don't want to pass out from overstimulation and hunger!

I've considered all the angles to this weekend including getting a manicure. Since I'll be flipping through photographs for three days, I don't want my ripped up cuticles to distract from the art. And in these dry desert conditions, they really are ripped to shreds.

Stay tuned for daily reports.

Photograph: Curious Family in Jodhpur, India


  1. It sounds nerve wracking and a lot of fun. I'm so happy for you. :)

  2. Congrats Jane!!!

    I say, go for the manicure.....and bring snacks.
    Enjoy every minute.

    Thanks for the comments about my mom. Much appreciated.

  3. It sounds thrilling and challenging! Don't forget to eat (and if no time for a manicure, maybe a little cuticle massage cream rubbed into your cuticles will do the trick?)

  4. Every post excites me! Way cool!


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