Monday, June 15, 2009

Calm After the Storm

A gallery opening is in some ways like a wedding. There are a lot of people, you don't remember who you spoke to and later, all of it is a blur.

Most who came to the opening knew what to expect from the exhibit and wanted to see it. But for many who have subsequently wandered in from the street, the pieces are disconcerting. No big surprise, many people simply aren't interested in seeing the Secret Keepers series otherwise known as "creepy dolls." This is not news to me. These are larger-than-life images of faces almost-but-not-quite real. They show damage, wear and perhaps abuse. They remind us of the aging process and maybe even death. Or they can remind us of lost innocence. I actually enjoy observing people quickly turn their heads away from those pieces as much as I enjoy watching those who scrutinize them. OK, so the former doesn't ensure a sale, but it indicates something more important - an emotional reaction to the work.

The Plastic Relatives are much more playful, less threatening. With a 4" x 6" image area, they're easier to dismiss as caricature.

Today was a quiet day at the gallery as Jennie had predicted. The weather was moody, supplying few moments of sunshine, some strong gusts of wind but mostly rain and scattered storms. The long periods of rolling thunder made me giddy. When I got home, this was the view of The Cross of the Martyrs from my back deck.


  1. That is a beautiful image! As for the Secret Keepers, at least you're making people think. :) xo


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