Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Day of Review Santa Fe

Last night, the Center for Contemporary Arts hosted the public viewing of our portfolios. Above is a snapshot of my table when we were setting up. The photographs hanging on boards were part of yet another event, the 8th CCA Annual Photography Auction which took place this evening.

Today was a long day. My schedule included eight reviews. The reviewers were an interesting array of characters. There was the woman who reached out to hold my hands and told me, in a soft and loving tone, not to be so nervous. There was the man who wouldn't look me in the eyes and fidgeted for twenty minutes. One woman felt like a long time girlfriend, another was an ice princess. Someone criticized A, B and C in my portfolio and someone else thought A, B and C made my work strong. This day was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

The best advice we were given at the onset of this event was that immediately after our last consultation we should forget about everything for a few days. Then, revisit the experience and weigh all the things that were said. Most of us want to hear constructive criticism. How else can we grow as artists? But art is subjective, so we need to decide what advice to heed and when to stay true to our vision.

It is imperative to follow up with our reviewers via email in a week or two. We thank them and send them information they have asked for. We read through the list of reviewers and put together packets of promo materials for those we didn't have a chance to meet. The hard work continues.

Has it been worth it? Absolutely!

This evening, after spending an hour at the Photo Auction, I went to a neighbor's house for dinner. A delicious meal, equally delicious conversation and, I know this sounds hokey but...I just felt loved. Boy did I need that.


  1. Sounds like a very tough and grueling process. And yes, that dinner must have been the perfect antidote!

  2. Sounds brutal! You are brave to put yourself out there and you should feel proud I think!

  3. Oh, my dear -- you are loved, both there and with those you left behind! It sounds like a tough but rewarding and inspiring week. And that advice you received at the start -- words worth heeding. I am so happy for you!


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