Friday, August 7, 2009

Into White

Cat Stevens wrote and sang the gentle Into White nearly forty years ago. While listening to it in a darkened room, as I was wont to do with his music doing nothing other than absorbing the sound, I felt as if I were swaddled in a cozy blanket. In 2006, Carly Simon recorded a version of the song, rendering it even more soothing. When she dips into the low notes, I'm transported back to that dark room with that comforting blanket, with the addition of being given a piece of dark chocolate dusted with gold.

On Chase Promenade South, in Millennium Park in Chicago, there is a curvy white structure. I walked into it and squinted my eyes, trying to see only shades of white rather than this curve, that curve, this side of the structure or the other. I walked into white.

Of all the photos I took in Chicago that weekend, these are my favorites.


  1. OMG... I have goosebumps all over. I am a big fan of white on white although hardly anyone gets it. It's almost as if the etherial purity of it all is too much for most of us mortals. Anyway, Jane, I just love these!

  2. The white on white work is quite compelling. Tough to do to, I imagine.

    What is fascinating is the sense of epiphenomenal in a subject that is itself quite real.

  3. How do I not know that song? I thought I knew all Cat Stevens songs.

    This work is beautiful and I can see why you are pleased with it. Such a pure, ephemeral quality. Shooting white on white is tough. Nice job!

  4. I had to go out to youtube and give it a listen again. Brought back old memories. Beautiful white photos.


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