Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Janes, Two Canons, Millennium Park

It was so much fun to travel to Chicago by train with my friend Jane a couple weekends ago. Neither of us had much of an agenda; we were just two Janes with our Canons in the Windy City. It's a good thing Chicago is a walkable town, because I needed to pound the pavement after four and a half hours on the train. Just sitting is not my favorite thing to do.

Millennium Park is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities: Crown Fountain with it's video images of faces, reflective Cloud Gate which everyone prefers to call "the bean," Pritzker Pavilion, etc. The people who come to play here are as photo-worthy as the sculptures, fountains and architecture.

Above is a photo of one of the two fountains, with the Santa Fe Building looking a bit conspicuous (at least to me, no surprise!)

Here is part of the Chicago skyline reflected in Cloud Gate:

Three girls danced and danced and danced in the shallow pool:

One girl did a flip...

...and another danced as if no one was watching:


  1. Wow, you make me wish I'd been there in Chi-Town with you guys (not that I would've minded it regardless of your pix). The b&w one should have "noir" in its title. Once again I'm reminded what a great eye you have.

    I like the colorful montage on your heading, but miss your photo. You look so happy in it. Can you have both?

  2. Wow Jane! You really captured the moment and the feeling! These are great! Joey
    (I just flushed my camera down the toilet!)

  3. Very cool! I'm checking you out after too long a blog disappearance! This sounds like great fun! Love the dancing pix!

  4. Traveling to Chicago by train is one of my favorite things. It looks like you had a real nice time once you arrived!


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