Saturday, September 5, 2009

Playing with Food

Saturday morning, and what better thing to do than visit the Farmer's Market?

Upon entering the market, I was tempted by pies with gooey fruit that spilled over the edges. Next table had walnut filled kolaches, bringing back memories of my Slovak grandmother. Peaches, corn, cucumbers, herbs, raspberries...and flowers, and soaps...even spring rolls, and shrimp. A man said to his wife "It's too early to eat spring rolls" just as I was thinking "too bad I just had breakfast. Spring rolls would be perfect!"

After all was said and done, I behaved very well. Passed up the sweets, bought some peaches, and then found myself looking not for something to eat, but something to photograph.
"Thank you kind sir" I said to the elderly gentleman who sold me okra.
"How can I not buy that?" I said to the man with the mutant eggplant.

So now the only question is....anyone want some okra...?

Above, the mutant eggplant. Quack quack.

Kissing peaches:

Okra antennae:

Okra sundae with cherry (tomato) on top:


  1. Jane, I guess you really don't follow such rules as "Don't play with your food." I assumed farmers market goods leaned toward the natural side...well that eggplant is totally unnatural! Great use of okra, especially since I'm sure-as-heck ain't gonna eat it. Peaches, you bet! What fun.

  2. And you see, this is why we get along so well! Anyone who sees a duck in an eggplant just rocks with me!

  3. This work is suggestive and funny but without the dark edge that comes through in many of the doll images. Hope to see more.


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