Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello, yellow!

When my shutter finger gets twitchy and I don't have anything in particular to shoot, it's productive to come up with a theme for myself. During the photo workshop that I taught in Tuscany in 2008, students found it helpful to have a theme to fall back on for their daily photo excursions. It helped them feel less overwhelmed and more focused, so to speak.

And honestly, it's just a whole lotta fun. Here are some ideas:

• Shoot one color or one shape
• Reflections
• Shadows
• Texture
• Grab three disparate things (piece of fruit, your toothbrush, a rusty nail?) and do a still life
• Think of a place that does not inspire you at all - a dying garden, the waiting room at your dentist's office, whatever - and go there to shoot a really beautiful abstract interpretation.
• Find one object and photograph it in a dozen different ways
• For a challenging ongoing project, shoot all the letters in the alphabet as long as it's not literally the letter. Some letters are much easier to find that others. (I personally have a plenty of the letter "M.") Reward yourself when you're done by publishing it with a book from mypublisher.com.

Here are some images from my "yellow" collection. Above, a scene in Acapulco.

This is a photo I like to call "Mona Saves" - to be found on the corner of Paseo de Peralto and Washington in Santa Fe:

Ubiquitous laundry, in Venice, Italy:

A little daisy pail in Madrid, New Mexico:

Rainbow near my house in Santa Fe:

Number 3, number 3, number 3...

Again I've broken the "don't shoot the mannequin" rule:

Escalator at Marshall Fields, Chicago (I refuse to call it Macy's):

Buddha statue in Myanmar:

Fireworks, Detroit:


  1. I do the "shoot one object a jillion ways" because I'm still working to understand my camera settings, so I shoot and shoot and shoot that one thing. Underneath, upsidedown, from the top, on the side...lol

    Thanks! Those are some great ideas. I like your yellow connection.

  2. I refuse to call it Macy's, too. Yes, this is a wonderful reminder to all of us to get away from the mundane and usual and go for broke! Love so many of these. But then, they're yellow!

  3. Love that wall and the lines. What, no lemons????

    Just stopping by to say "hi".

  4. Love the daisy pail in Madrid. Great shapes of blue against that little spot of yellow. Of course the others are wonderful too.


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