Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On My Way to Santa Fe

On Thursday, I leave for New Mexico for one month.

In 2002, thanks to the generosity of Dick's mom, we bought a second home in Santa Fe. We plan to relocate there permanently next year. Our house is a five minute walk to the Plaza, a little longer to gallery-rich Canyon Road. When I'm doing dishes and look out over the city, while the setting sun tosses brilliant colors into the sky, I have to pinch myself. I am deeply grateful to Toddie Rosemont for helping us buy the home, thus putting me on a professional and creative course that I would never have imagined for my life.

The first and second weekends in June, I'll be involved in some exhibits and a portfolio event. I'll also be entertaining two different guests during that time. I love having guests because it forces me to go out and enjoy the rich New Mexico landscape. My promise to myself is to shoot more of New Mexico during this trip. One idea is to get up before dawn and drive to Plaza Blanca, The White Place, and photograph these magnificence geological formations as dawn breaks.

Assignment: Shoot something everyday, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Plan at least a couple of major photo excursions. Post the results on PhotoBLOGraphy.

Here are a few images from New Mexico, taken at various times throughout the past few years.

But first let me share a photograph of Toddie Rosemont. Not sure how old she is here, perhaps around 20, and it may have been when she went to Texas to recuperate from tuberculosis. This is the woman pretty much responsible for transforming my artistic life. It gave her so much pleasure to help us get our Santa Fe house, and we bought her a ticket to come see it in late 2003. She never made it. Just after Christmas, she died from the flu.

On the road from Galisteo:

I'm such a sucker for anything that is decaying, peeling, etc.

Taken in Cerrillos. Remember these brands? Viceroy...Tareyton...

This was in "Tiny Town" just outside Madrid which, sadly, no longer exists:

This doesn't exist anymore either! "Fridgehenge" duplicated Stonehenge. With no ancient bluestones in sight, artist Adam Jonas Horowitz used refrigerators instead. Of course!


  1. What an amazing woman Toddie must have been! It brought tears to my eyes to think that this woman helped you realise your dreams. And whether or not I get to Bali, or you to Paris, I'll see you in Santa Fe! Love that town. And SF at Christmas w/ all those farolitos? Stunning and all a photographer's dream. There's no bluer sky anywhere, that I've seen. I'm sure your show will go well. Safe travels!

  2. Love the shots, particularly the cigaret machine. At one time I smoked everyone of those brands. I hate to say it but I liked to smoke and still miss a Camel straight with a good cup of coffee--even though I quite smoking in 1984.

    I think if when the Doc tells me I've only got a few weeks or days left I'm gonna buy a carton (if I can afford it) of Camels and smoke em all.

    Nice pic of Toddie. I can see her in Dick. Great shot of Fridgehenge too.


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