Friday, May 22, 2009

Day One in Santa Fe

For the next four or five weeks, I'll be immersed in various artistic endeavors in Santa Fe, sometimes  nicknamed "The City Different." I hate that moniker, so I'll just call it....Santa Fe. The state of New Mexico, on the other hand, is often referred to as "The Land of Enchantment" and boy is it ever!

Funny that in Michigan right now it is hot and sunny, the weather most people think Santa Fe experiences all year 'round. They don't realize that at 7,000 feet, Santa Fe has four distinct seasons including cold winters, often in the teens at night. But it is overcast and nippy this May morning, with an occasional drizzle. 

Arriving at our home yesterday made me giddy. Pinch me! The house is actually an old adobe home that was refurbished a few decades ago. It's part of a small compound of 6 houses now. When we aren't here, we do short term rentals and for that purpose our home is called Casa Rosemont. However, nothing about it feels like a rental. When you walk in, you are entering a cozy, arty, well-stocked home (thanks to Dick, tons of CDs and videos.) You can tell this isn't Grandma's house. And to think I toned it down a little so as not to frighten potential renters!

Here are a couple of photos for today. As I venture out I'll make sure I take my camera with me, even if it's my little Canon PowerShot.

Exposed adobe, just above the dining room cupboard:

This is where I hang my hat, with Georgia O'Keeffe smiling above (and hiding the circuit breaker box.)

A few years ago I found this antique stool...someone thought it was a birthing chair!?! 

Even the bathroom is fun:


  1. It looks like a fabulous abode! I tried leaving a comment yesterday, but something went wrong and it crashed my computer. Hope you're having a great time in that beautiful town!

  2. Of course your bathroom is fun. You have the most fun bathrooms I've ever known!


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