Saturday, April 18, 2009

We have a title, now we need first names!

The names that some of you suggested for this series of altered antique portraits were all enticing, but I decided to go with "Plastic Relatives." About ten of these will be included in an exhibit at Jennie Cooley Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in mid June. Here are three of the portraits; I'll post more in a couple of days.

Now that the series itself has a name, the characters need good, old fashioned first names. Any ideas? A few come to mind: Ida, Mildred, Vera....I'd love to hear some more! I'll need a couple of boys names, too.

These will be exhibited with some of the Secret Keepers images. I thought an appropriate title for the show was "The Secret Keepers and Their Ancestors" but it's a little too long. If you're in New Mexico, I hope you can stop by. Detailed information about that exhibit will be posted later on the blog, or check the news link on my website.


  1. Well, there's Hazel and Mabel and Lucille. And Harold and Horace and Jeremiah. Wish I could be in Santa Fe for the exhibit! Take lots of photos when you're there, please (of your work). xo

  2. Here are some from my family.
    Fern, Martha, Minnie, Lena, Frederick, Louise, Alice, Theabold, Regina, Charles Christian, Hubert & Ora Belle (the hussy from Indiana according to legend.)

  3. Great photos Jane! My ancestors are Winifred, Olive, Agnes, Fannie, and of course....sweet Grace!

  4. Very interesting! Agatha, Genevieve, Grace, Rosamund (or Rosalind), Gwendolyn, Madeleine, Eleanor, Doris, Iris, Marguerite...

    These are simply wonderful!


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