Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Roadkill Bra - Grab One Now! (Plus a secret revealed)

Sifting through the Bali photos, I came across a few lighthearted snapshots and thought I would feature them today. There are always images that present themselves that I am compelled to take but really have no use for other than to chuckle about them later. Maybe I should call it "Low Art" - thanks to the suggestion above.

On the river road in Bunutan I found the sexiest road kill ever:

A shop window in Amlapura. Yeah, I want to fly with this airline:

Talk about being torn!

An image from Chinatown in Singapore. Looks like someone got grabbed, all right!

Tomorrow I'll feature some of the locals I had the honor to meet in Bali, including "Honda Woman" and "Fisherboy." With that in mind, I am going to reveal something very personal that few people know.

When I come home from a trip and settle down to process photos, there always comes a singular moment when I become overwhelmed with emotion. That moment blindsides me, and always happens when I'm looking at a portrait. The memory of the connection made with one of the locals and how profound it is to share a simple smile with someone who is literally and figuratively worlds away, brings me to tears.

So there you have it. I cry. My hands pull back from the keyboard, I sit back in my chair, and take a minute offer thanks. First I thank the person whose image sparked that reaction and then I thank this magnificent universe for diversity and opportunity.


  1. Thank you for telling us that. Gratitude is so, so important - especially for those of us who were born into such plenty. I often know when I have something right in writing by that same criteria.

  2. P.S. KEWTS is Karen Elaine Woodruff Tury Stock.

  3. How beautiful and so personal -- I can see, after photographing these remarkable people and places (and things!) how deeply you would have that feeling of thanks and honor.

  4. I'm hoping that the lighthearted term "Roadkill Bra" isn't inadvertently accurate. I'd hate to think that we were perhaps looking at the tragic residue of a rape murder or something of that nature.

  5. Although I appreciate your concern about the bra, I feel confident in being lighthearted about it. Bali is a safe place to live and for tourists alike. It has been called "virutally crime-free" (but I would be cautious in saying that about anywhere.) Knowing the people who live in this remote area, both locals who have been here all their lives and people who have settled here for several years, I think it would be common knowledge if there was more of a possibility of some heinous crime than the simple fact that clothes are strewn around all over the place anyway. Their "closets" are ropes hanging from tree to tree near the road. It could just as easily been a man's shirt.


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