Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vote for Three

Some of the Secret Keepers are getting a face lift! These decrepit doll faces will be shown in a smaller, square format and printed in black & white. I've always loved black & white images because they hone in on form and texture. It's been fun for me to sort through and pick those I think work better that way.

I would love your help, and ask that you choose three favorites from the following ten images. Please help me decide by naming your choices either here on the blog, or via email. If you can articulate why you like them better than the others, go for it. Don't think too hard about it, just pick the ones that strike you as more powerful.

Beginning April 1, some of these images will be exhibited at the gallery Artistas de Santa Fe. Who will make the cut?

Thank you so much in advance, and now allow me to introduce you to the contenders...





  1. Jane, It's Jeff Bruland. They're all great. My favorites are Stella, Curly, and Fifi. Stella, because of the surprise and bright eyes. Curly, because of the balance the black brings to it. Fifi, because I can't resist a girl who has lost her head. (or maybe because I think I might be able to be smarter than her)

  2. Priscilla, Fifi and Chantelle push my always-ready decayed beauty button, Jane.

    - Chris Fieldhouse

  3. Priscilla, Mohawk and Chantelle (in that order) and this is 'Anonymous' Lou! I like the image of Priscilla the most, then I like the vagueness of Mohawk and finally the detail of Chantelle... How's THAT!?!?

  4. Mary: because ya' gotta love "snooty"!
    Sherry: because they all tell tales, and hers involves an axe and murder (she's dating Chucky, I'm sure of it.)
    Stella: because I feel for the girl. She's had a bad brow lift and her left lid's a bit droopy. Beauty - ain't it cruel?
    (Anon, AKA Heidi)

  5. Jane,

    My favorites are:

    Pricilla, because I love a good horror film involving a murderous living doll and she looks like she could be a leading lady.
    Stella, because she is mischievous
    Chatelle--not sure why I like this one so much. Maybe it's just because I feel sorry for her, or maybe it's because I've been feeling a bit old and worn myself lately.

  6. At first glance: Tammy, Sherry & Priscilla. Can't really explain why but it's probably the emotion(s) they display. Regardless of who makes the cut, it'll be nice to see them hanging in Santa Fe!

  7. Dan on Beaver IslandFebruary 21, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Lily, Priscilla, and Stella.

    It's all about the eyes. They creep me out.

  8. More difficult than I had suspected!...but my choices are: Lily for her haunting beauty (I'm forever the romantic), Stella a reminder of childhood (?) & Priscilla presented the mystery of a story. .......I also wonder how the names Stella (my grand daughter) and Priscilla (my sister)entered into my decision :o)) It was also important to me that if I were to purchase said photos....I would need to be comfortable looking at them often.

  9. The following three speak loudest to me and this is what I hear.....

    Tammy drank too much last night and thought she did her hair (all of it). Will she make it to work on time? You have to love her anyway. She did get up and is ready to go again!

    Mary's eyes are closed and so is her mind. Don't even try to change her thoughts or direction. Just look at that expression!

    Prisilla doesn't let anything hold her back, but she does so with grace. Don't hold her back, Jane, or she will gracefully haunt you.

    Hey! One more thought. Jane, are you sure they are really dolls? They feel pretty real!

    Sue Bowen

  10. Priscilla, Mohawk, and Lily are my favorites. For whatever reason Lily seems really suited to b&w, especially with those eyes. Chilling.

    Something about Mohawk seems very tragic, like he's a Chernobyl victim or something.

    Priscilla is just too cool.


  11. Hi Jane--These are all wonderful. The ones I find most intriguing and interesting are Sherry, Priscilla, and Lily. (Sherry, in particular, looks as though she has some stories to tell!)

  12. Priscilla and Lily and Mary are my faves. They all look as though they're bursting with secrets, waiting to be spilled.

  13. I like Stella because of her wide-eyed innocence. Priscilla displays a steely determination, even though things have begun to "crack" around her. And Lily is just plain haunting. She has seen something big, something life-altering...but what? And how has she been changed by it?

  14. One choice is Stella because she's not perfect, or perhaps she's beginning to wink at the thought of being immortalized. I also like Fifi because she seems as though someone tried to reconstruct a childhood memory. Finally, Priscilla represents for me the results of sibling conflict (John threw my doll down the stairs :-( )

  15. I like Tammy, Stella and Priscilla. I don't think I can articulate why, but I do find photos with only part of a face showing intriguing.

  16. I think I'm glad voting is closed, because I would have a very hard time choosing just three!

  17. I'm know I'm a week or two behind, but I wanted to chime in :) I like Stella first and foremost because she looks like my well loved doll, Baby Tenderlove and because I have a dear sweet niece named Stella.

    I like Lily because of the way the photo is cropped and because the eyes don't look hollow to me. I think the bottom lashes are just so vibrant that it negates the hollowness.

    Tammy - love the curler!


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